30 Mar 22
“Some people have greatness thrust upon them.
Few have excellence thrust upon them. They achieve it!
They do not achieve it unwittingly by ‘doing what comes naturally,’ and they don’t stumble into it in the course of amusing themselves.
All excellence involves discipline and tenacity of purpose.”
John William Gardner
Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union
Founded shortly after the end of WWI, the LRU was formed (among civilians) to provide active and effective resistance to foreign invasion, a painfully familiar subject in the Balkans!
In the last Century, LRU’s members courageously fought Nazis and Bolsheviks alike. It was forcibly disbanded under Russian occupation, but aggressively reformed in 1989.
The LRU enjoys the support of most politicians (particularly recently), but is not a branch of government. It has always been a non-profit, civilian organization.  Membership is voluntary.
Since the start of the Ukraine invasion, membership has been surging!
The LRU provides training in individual rifle and pistol skills, as well as trauma-care training and training in a host of related subjects.
LRU members are constantly armed and keep military weapons and ammunition in their homes.
They harbor no illusions about Vlad P’s intentions!
“Gun control” is DRT in the Baltics!