5 July 20 Even More Dangerous! In Philadelphia, PA today, rioters closed I676, both directions, in the downtown area, backing-up traffic for miles/hours. At least one PPD Officer, who tried to break-up this dangerous situation with department-issued teargas, has been fired on the spot. The Chief of police and mayor have both since publicly apologized, … to the rioters! It is obvious what is going on, nationwide: The DNC is putting enormous pressure on Democrat/Communist mayors and governors to prevent local police, and state police, from interfering with rioters as they destroy property, injure innocent citizens, close busy highways, etc, and they’re getting universal compliance, as we see! The DNC, and Bidenistas, have a plan, a familiar one to anyone who studies history: 1. “Sustainable Poverty” The DNC caters only to losers, and the losing attitude. They piously profess to “love the poor,” but only so long as they stay poor! Any attempt on the part of “the poor” to better themselves, and they instantly become “capitalist swine!” Squalor is product of the left, and they just can’t get enough of it! 2. “Sustainable Lawlessness” “The more crime you have, the more ‘government’ you need!” The USA is plunging headlong into a sinister, violent crime-wave, centered in metro areas (all controlled by Democrats), where local police have been told not to enforce the law, where arrestees are released minutes they are “arrested”. Anyone think this is all an “accident?”
3. “Sustainable Chaos” Democrat/Communists are relentlessly stirring-up non-stop bedlam, desperately trying to keep it going strong through the election. “Public order” is only a distant memory! They think it all benefits them, and they obviously don’t care who gets hurt. If Democrats really wanted to stop the shocking wave of murderous violence gripping our cities, they could do it tomorrow morning! They obviously don’t want it stopped! For us non-criminals and non-rioters, my usual advice: Stay out of big cities, like Philadelphia, Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, et al!  Any place with a Democrat mayor.  These are the places where lawlessness and chaos are not only tolerated, they’re promoted! No matter your ethnicity, these are places you don’t want to be! Stay mobile, flexible! When driving, stay in motion. Keep doors locked, eyeballs up. Keep exits in mind and in sight! Low-profile! Remain uninteresting, non-memorable, boring, invisible. Courteous to everyone; friendly to no one! Stay away from gatherings, particularly bars, nightclubs, concerts, sporting events, political events, “demonstrations.” Go armed! Your “Plan B,” though invisible, is never far from the tip of your mind! Getting shot, burned, abducted, raped, and/or beaten to death is no fun! It’s that serious! “Eleven of twelve Apostles met violent deaths, for merely talking about light and God!” Frederick Lenz /John