6 July 20 “Democracies have been found incompatible with personal security and rights of property; and in general been as short in their lives as they’ve been violent in their deaths.” James Madison A Reminder: American police are not required by law to specifically “protect” any particular individual, in any particular circumstance (Warren v District of Columbia, and Gonzales v Castle Rock). When police “arrive too late,” or even display complete incompetence when handling emergency calls, they are not individually criminally liable. Thus, when individual police officers are found to be “derelict in their duty” they can be disciplined by their department, including being fired. Maybe the chief will even be forced to resign, but no one goes to jail! Even when “derelict” and/or “incompetent,” police officers have still made no crime, so they are subject to department sanctions only. However, when police officers as they actively pursue their duties are found to have violated someone’s civil rights, even unintentionally, they can be charged with a crime, and not only lose their jobs and pensions. They can be forced to spend every dime their family has (and will ever have) defending themselves in criminal court, and maybe go to prison for years. Agenda-driven, liberal prosecutors, at the direction of cop-hating Democrat mayors and governors, will happily pursue blatantly unmeritorious criminal charges against innocent police officers for purely political purposes, as we’ve seen and are especially seeing now! Since no police officer wants to thus become a “stepping-stone” for some amoral, liberal prosecutor in his lustful pursuit to becoming Attorney General, many officers believe they are left with few choices! Does anyone wonder by violent crime in these same cities is off the chart? To add insult to injury, Democrat mayors and city councils are imposing punitive budget cuts upon their own police departments. Resultant inadequate staffing translates to depleted shifts, no police available to respond to emergency calls, and no back-up available when patrol officers get-in over their heads! Does anyone wonder why public police in so many Democrat-controlled cities are unilaterally “standing down?” Does anyone wonder why mayors and city-council members in these same cities are quietly spending taxpayer funds to create what amounts to their own, heavily-armed, private police department, assigned with the exclusive task of protecting only them? This evil shows no sign of relenting, surely not this year! Adjust lifestyle accordingly! /John