31 Mar 16

This telling note from a friend and colleague in Belgium:

“I’m still home, and dreading to go back to my office, which is less than a kilometer from the Brussels Airport.

The government department responsible for security is run by the same Socialists (you call them ‘liberals’) who have let our national situation here rot for decades. They were completely unable to detect the Paris attack, and of course the ones that took place here.

On their website, they suggest ‘run away and hide’ as the correct reaction of citizens to a terrorist attack. They offer no suggestion when one finds himself fact-to-face with terrorists. Of course we are not armed, and the chances of us being armed one day are non-existent. No way these Socialists will ever trust us with guns. They don’t even trust their own police!

They piously say, ‘Of course, the likelihood that you will find yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack is remote.’

To that I reply:

Really! The likelihood that hapless victims in Paris, San Bernadino, Moscow, Beslan, and a hundred other places would be cruelly murdered was ‘remote’ too, wasn’t it? But, they’re all still dead, and just as dead as if the attacks that killed them had been ‘likely!’

I do what I can to prepare, but our leftist politicians, like yours, lack the courage to do anything effective about this horrible problem. They would rather cynically confront the families of murdered victims (only when such meetings can’t be avoided) and extend their ‘deepest sympathies.’”


Western Europeans, like us, are on their own! Leftist elected officials and bureaucrats, there and here, care only about protecting themselves and staying in political power. They are far more afraid of armed citizens than they will ever be of terrorists. Even so, we’re all supposed to feel sorry for them!

Always long on feeble excuses. Short on real concern for any of us. The situation will not improve any time soon!

“Oh, what hard-luck stories they all hand me!”

From “ Bye Bye Blackbird” composed in 1926 by Ray Henderson. Most famous recent rendition was sung by Peggy Lee in 1995