15 Dec 13

“The worst enemies of new radicals, are ‘old’ liberals!”

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin)

“… the status-quo will never want for an advocate”


NY’s obscure “Department of Environmental Conservation” is now proposing a
state-wide ban on wild pig hunting, despite the fact that wild pigs are
calamitously destructive to farmland, all because:

” . . . . while Eurasian boars are a threat to the environment and its
natural resources, hunting them only hinders the efforts of DEC… to capture
the species from the wild, which is more a more effective long-term

Hard to imagine a better example of modern, arrogant “Liberalism!”

To these bureaucrats, individual effort is always unthinkable. Thus, they
invariably oppose citizens participating in hunting, fishing, trapping, etc
in any form. They also oppose individual ownership of guns, because only
those of us in government should ever be allowed to “do” anything. Any
species of public recreation or enjoyment, all individual initiative, needs
to be hyper-regulated, and thus suffocated out of existence. After all, the
public exists only to serve us!

How about making the hunting season longer and more open? Gets rid of
excess pigs and generates revenue for the State?

They automatically, and oh so pseudo-sanctimoniously, reject any such
notion, because that will lessen their ability to lord it over people, which is
the one thing liberals really care about.

Our only authentic “problem,” in NY and nationwide, is bloated
government. There is little to be gained from “solving problems.” When problems go
away, we no longer need to support all those expensive bureaucrats in such
grand style. They might actually have to go out and find a real job!
Conversely, there is much to be gained from “problems” that only grow worse,
despite “solutions” imposed by doting liberals. In an effort to excuse
their chronic failures, they predictably say, “… we didn’t go far enough,”
and then (what a surprise!) lobby for a massive increase in the size and
authority of their bureaucracy. More incomprehensible rules, regulations,
restrictions, limitations, coercion for us, and more arbitrary power for
them. In their minds, since the time of Woodrow Wilson, the only real “problem
” with our civilization is that citizens have too much individual freedom,
and government is too limited in its power to coerce, threaten, and

As a civilization, we need to collectively face the truth that our real ”
problem” is all these self-professed, and erstwhile unemployed, ”

The dirty little secret is: “solutions” they come up with are, from the
beginning, ever designed to fail! They never want them to “work.” They
just want to spend their entire lives being lavishly paid to “solve”
problems (crime, poverty, pigs, you name it) that, curiously, are never solved, in
fact invariably grow worse under their tenure.

However, a character flaw, universal among modern liberals, in personal
narcissism. Forever in denial, they casually dismiss their ecumenical
failings, insisting they just can’t be wrong. Listen to Nancy Pelosi some time!
“Humility” is never found among liberals.

They all need to get out of government and courageously enter the private
sector, and then try their hand at actually producing something, genuine
products and services that people really want and are voluntarily willing to
pay for, not just cater to fictitious, contrived “demand,” manufactured by,
and coerced by, government.

They might, at long last, learn a little humility, and the rest of us can,
at long last, live in peace!

“Same routine- same results! Loosely translated: ‘So long as you keep
doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting'”

Jim O’Young