16 Dec 13

“Who naively think we can be happy and prosperous by letting the government
‘take care of us,’ rather than taking care of ourselves, had better take
a closer look at the American Indian!”


From a friend and student who came here to the USA from Eastern Europe in
the early 1960s:

“When I was growing up under Communism in Poland in the 1950s, I would
constantly hear how we all needed to ‘sacrifice’ for a just a while longer
(the ‘wait’ was to last forever; with Communists, it always does!), and ‘do
our part,’ in order to bring about the glorious social benefits of true
Socialism and Communism, as envisioned by Marx and Engels. We were all indeed,

We were also taught to hate everything ‘Western,’ always without
question. Yes, we were going to beat the rotten West! However, even then, we knew
it was all a lie! Everyone secretly wanted to get out, and get to the
USA, which, of course, we professed to despise, at least in public.

Now that I’m an American citizen, it is uncanny (and personally scary to
me) to hear virtually the same rhetoric, this time over here, and from the
mouths of Democrat politicians, including our president, and even from a few
professing ‘Republicans!’ I naively thought I had escaped the clutches of
this deadly cancer that I experienced first-hand, this depraved system of
slavery, called Communism.”

Comment: Here, in modern America, welfare-recipient mother gets a
supplemental check from the government when her child is diagnosed with ADD. Not
surprisingly, we suddenly have an “epidemic” of ADD children, all of whom
are now literally sloshing with drugs, and social scientists are “astonished.
” It’s getting worse, and bureaucracies who cheerfully administer the
drugs keep growing, right along with the advance of this contrived “plague.”

Of course, the vast majority of these “ADD kids” come from fatherless
households. I’m sure it is just a coincidence!

Indeed, every kind of bad behavior, obesity, alcoholism, indolence,
gluttony, lust, ADD, robbing banks, et al, are now “diseases,” and thus must be ”
medicated.” Personal responsibility and accountability can’t even be

All this is necessary to keep leftists in political power, despite all the
ruined lives left in the wake, and all our intrinsic resplendence that is
suffocated and lost forever.

The legacy of the Age of Enlightenment was that people dealt fearlessly in
truth and reality, and were able to form sound concepts through inductive
reasoning and reduce those concepts deductively back to their roots.
People were held personally responsible for their deeds and misdeeds.

No excuses. None offered. None accepted!

Today, that ability to think logically and clearly, that personal pride,
has long-since been asphyxiated and contemptuously jettisoned from the
American educational system, replaced by an obligatory, blind belief in
leftist/Communist dogma, promoted with hollow propaganda, which is never allowed to
be questioned. Communists in Poland in the 1950s would feel right at home!

For one, like my friend formally from Poland, I’m trying to do whatever I
can to oppose the spread of this progressive, deadly parasite, before it
murders its unfortunate, but all-too willing, host!

The Leaden-Eyed

Let not young souls be smothered before
They do quaint deeds and fully flaunt their pride
It is the world’s one crime that its babes grow dull
Its poor are ox-like, limp, and leaden-eyed

Not that they starve, but starve so dreamlessly
Not that they sow, but that they seldom reap
Not that they serve, but that they have no gods to serve
Not that they die, but die like sheep

Vachel Lindsay