12 Dec 13

Anti-gun bias in the media is decades old, although they sheepishly, and
oh-so self-righteously, deny it.

Anti-gun groups, like the Brady Bunch, are unfailingly described by the
media as “experts” (even though none of them could distinguish a gun from a
waffle-iron), and their intrinsic, far-left, Marxist agenda is never

By contrast, when the NRA or GOA are quoted, they are always pre-identified
as biased in favor of private gun-ownership.

Thus, the Bradys make “statements,” and are never questioned. NRA, by
contrast, makes “claims,” and are routinely, relentlessly ridiculed.

To the media, any gun used, for any serious purpose, is automatically an ”
assault weapon,” even though they can’t even define the term, and don’t!

“Gun violence” is yet another fraudulent term routinely used by the
media. It is used to describe police shootings, as well as all other legitimate
cases of self-defense. Legal and legitimate use of force is always
lumped-in with criminal violence. The media obviously doesn’t think guns ever
have any legitimate use. Yet, the hypocrites apparently see no problem in
lavishly protecting themselves with armed bodyguards.

A recent “gun buy-back” program in Chicago received unmitigated praise
from the media. Such programs always do. When violent crime soared in the
city immediately afterward, that somehow escaped their notice!

Now, from the same cloistered, ivory-tower “experts,” a panel of
psychologists has announced their solution to “gun violence,” and the media is
predictably dripping with praise:

“When a student, or employee, openly threatens others, or shows evidence of
planning an attack- researching it online, buying supplies- a ‘behavioral
assessment team’ gets the person help immediately, whether through
counseling, or more intensive therapy, and monitors progress.”

That “help” is apparently not voluntary, and who is assigned to these ”
behavioral assessment teams,” and what qualifications do they have? Of
course, leftists hate details, so those questions are never asked by so-called ”
investigative journalists.”

And, what constitutes “buying supplies?” The moment I merely buy a box
of ammunition, do I get a mandatory summons to the psychologist’s office,
maybe get involuntarily locked-up in a mental ward?

The point is that we can never believe our leftist media. Marxism is
their religion. They have long-since abdicated their responsibility to report
news. They are not “journalists,” and haven’t been for decades. They’re
leftist “propagandists,” our equivalent of Pravda. As such, they are a
disgrace to their profession and deserve to go out of business.

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from
religious conviction.”