22 July 20 “Stand up to hypocrisy. When you don’t, hypocrites will teach! Stand up to ignorance. When you don’t, the ignorant will run free to spread ignorance like a disease! Stand up for truth. When you don’t, then there is no truth to your existence!” Suzy Kassem Sleazy cowards and spineless worms! This week, the CEO of an outdoor/sporting outlet here in northern CO, called “Jax,” loudly announced (under pressure from leftist thugs) that his stores are dropping “Thin, Blue Line” products, which are mostly t-shirts, caps, etc which feature an American flag and are designed to recognize the heroism of our police. He blushfully claims he decided that the term, “Thin, Blue Line” is “offensive!” Like CEOs of Trader Joe’s, NFL, MLB, NBA, Nike, Apple, (and we have to include most professing “Republican” politicians), et al, this CEO finds it necessary to bend-over and drop his pants for every leftist bully who comes along! I am amazed at the percentage of American corporate CEOs who cave-in so easily, who are such sleazy cowards, such spineless worms, who claim that they find our American flag “offensive!” When this CEO is ashamed of our American flag, then I’m ashamed to be seen at his store! We Americans did not ascend from fearful men! These spineless corporate worms are a disgrace to our nation, and to our heritage! When this is all over, real Americans will do our best to forget they were ever our countrymen! “You cannot sodomize a Sacrament, and then expect God to say, ‘Well done.”
EA Bucchianeri /John