23 July 20 “Res ipsa loquitur,” Loosely translated: “The thing speaks for itself. It is self-evident.” Yes, how do you like it, Mr Mayor? Portland, OR’s Democrat mayor went out last night to greet his your very own beloved Marxist mob, as they were enthusiastically destroying his formally-beautiful city, for the 55th day in a row! To his astonishment, they turned on him! I can just hear him shouting at them, “But, but, I don’t understand! I’m on your side. I am one of you!  I hate capitalists, police just like you. Why are you attacking me?” Even worse for his personal reputation in Beijing, Havana, and Pyongyang, Portland’s mayor was forced to make a cowardly, embarrassing, hasty exit, as his “security detail” (composed of city police officers that he says he hates, who are armed with “weapons of war,” which he days he also hates) physically tangle with the still-attacking, enraged, mob. Seriously, what’s an committed anti-gun, anti-police mayor to do? We must all pause and take note of this ironic instance, where the American version of a sleazy Communist commissar, who regularly defames, denigrates, derides, and defunds police, while also disarming innocent citizens, simultaneously insists on being personally safeguarded by a heavily-armed, police security detail, that he publically claims to detest! The perfect hypocrisy of these Bidenista politicians can never cease to be a matter of real concern for watchful Americans who value their own freedom and liberty! “Who have trust issues only need to look in a mirror. There, they will meet the one person who will surely betray them.” Shannon L Adler /John