23 Jan 19

2109 SHOT Show, Second Day

Of interest today:

My old friend, Ray Reynolds, runs a company called “Gunbusters.”

All police departments have a problem with secure storage of seized guns, many of which no longer have any evidentiary value.

Some departments hold public auctions, a good way to legally dispose of functional guns. But, many guns held by departments are little more than rusted junk, or they are broken, defective, and/or unsafe for anyone to own.
Hence, they have “negative value.” No FFL is comfortable selling them, and many no one wants anyway.

But, all must be disposed of properly, or stored forever!

Gunbusters will go to a police department and destroy guns (converted to small pieces of scrap metal, that is then sold by the pound) that are being held, all at no cost, so long as Gunbusters can salvage non-serial-numbered parts.

All serial numbers are recorded, and a video is made of each guns being destroyed, so there is never any doubt!

They are busy!

Friends at Persys Medical showed me the latest edition of the ubiquitous IBD (Israeli Battle Dressing).

Called the T3 Bandage (4″ and 6″ varieties), it features two gauze pads, one on top of each other, so one can be removed and applied to a second wound. The T3 also contains a separate roll of elastic gauze, so it is really two IBDs in one!

A company called “Dead Foot Arms,” showed me a folding AR “pistol,” called the “FoldAr.”

Both the arm-brace and barrel fold sideways.

The whole thing folds-up into a package only nine inches long, five inches deep, and four inches thick. All fits in
a briefcase!

Friends at Blue Force Gear, showed me their new Compact Trauma Kit, called the MTKN. Pull a single tab, and everything is at your fingertips!

Between BFG’s “Wire Loops” and Vickers’ Slings, I can get a functional sling on any rifle, and have!

Cameron Hopkins at Super-Vel tells me that his 9mm 115gr all-copper ACP HP round (“All Copper Projectile”) is their current best seller.

Friends at Lehigh Defense, who manufacture FTM (“Fluid Transfer Monolithic”) bullets for Black Hills and
Underwood, as well as their own line of high-performance ammunition, have confidence that FTM bullets have superceded hollow-point bullets for all serious applications.

These all-copper projectiles have been called “scalloped bullets,” “Phillips screwdriver bullets,” and various other names since their introduction several years ago.

The term “FTM” is now official!

Lehigh may be right, but the issue is far from settled!

I am currently testing, and carrying, both!

More tomorrow.