2019 SHOT Show, Third Day

More items of interest:

Surefire’s “Stiletto” flashlight is flat and designed to be carried in a pocket, like a folding knife.

650 Lumens, rechargeable. Very handy!

Surefire’s “Fury Tactical” is a modest-sized conventional tube-light. 1500 lumens, also rechargeable. Among the brightest available!

Elcan’s “Specter DR” (Duel Role) rifle optic is 1.5x or 6x. A lever switches from one mode to the other. I really like this optic, since I can pick-up a threat, then instantly go to 6x in order to get the detail I need.

Katie Roosa is now the the CEO of Alessi Leather. In leather, Alessi is ever top-drawer.

A company called “Coolhand” makes a carbon-fiber knife that weighs virtually nothing. Makes an excellent neck-knife!

I met Kevin Underwood today, CEO of Underwood Ammunition. Both Kevin and Jeff Hoffman at Black Hills Ammunition load the famous Lehigh FTM bullet into their own brands of handgun ammunition.

For one, Kevin is convinced the FTM has superceded conventional HP bullets, in both reliability and effectiveness.

Underwood features the FTM in 9mm (90gr) in standard-pressure, +p, and +p+ versions.

Underwood calls all three versions “Extreme Defender.” Black Hills’ rendering is called “Honey Badger.”

Lehigh’s own brand is called “Xtreme Defense.”

Attendance this year is lighter than last. Yet, there is a sizeable “waiting list” of unrepresented vendors trying to get in the 2020 Show!

Tomorrow is the last day!