22 Jan 19

2109 SHOT Show, First Day

Cor-Bon has moved from SD to OH! New plant is set-up and now producing product.

9mmDPX is still most popular product!

Hi-Viz “Lite Wave H3” pistol night sights are very impressive. I now have a set for a G19. Friends there say the SIG 320 version is in the works, but it is much more difficult than the Glock.

Yesterday, I talked about single-column 9mm pistols. Kahr’s T9 Elite, predating most of the others, is also an excellent concealment candidate.

A copy of the Kahr PM45 is my constant companion (back-up pistol).

Kahr, along with Geissele, is now making complete ARs.

In the flashlight world, EAG-Tac’s T25C2 (tube-light) is now available in 2k lumens.

Amazingly bright!

Hoffner’s, premier blade-maker, is now producing the “Hand Hawk,” a small tomahawk that incorporates a gas-cut-off wrench, fire-hydrant wrench, oxygen-bottle wrench, and bottle-opener.
Handy tool.

I now have one of the first copies!

Modern American Heroes:

In the USA today, audacious producers of useful products, in order to produce anything, must first secure “permission” from a legion of sneering government bureaucrats, who produce nothing!

Producers must contend with endless challenges, while doing their level best to advance the Art, while simultaneously taking good care of employees and customers.

In spite of all obstacles, these modern-day American heroes continue to strive, innovate, produce, contribute, and advance our Art.

They seldom get credit, much less recognition.

So, here is an incomplete list of my personal friends, here at the Show, who are also producer/heroes:

Claudia Chisholm, president of GTM (Gun Toten’s Mamas), producer of an innovative line of handbags designed to conceal pistols.

Ashley Burnsed, president of Blue Force Gear, producer of rifle slings and host of other useful accessories.

Justin Moon, President of Kahr Arms. Innovative carry pistols.

Dave Selvaggio, president of DSA, premier maker of FAL Rifles

Alex Robinson, president of Robinson Armament, premier maker of the XCR Rifle

Frank DeSomma, president of POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory), maker of the wonderful and innovative “Revolution Rifle”

Uli Wiegand, president of IO Ordinance, premier AR maker.

Jeremy Ross, president of First Light, innovative flashlight maker.

John Ring, President of Blueguns, maker of training simulators that are used worldwide

Justin Evans, President of Leheigh Defense, innovators in serious ammunition design

Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense, innovative makers of single-column concealment pistols.

Freddie Blish, president of Robar, gunsmiths and advanced coating technology

Cameron Hopkins, president of SuperVel, maker of premier pistol ammunition for serious use

Earnest Emerson, president of Emerson Knives, second to none!

Lynn Thompson, President of Cold Steel Knives, also second to none!

Mike Lessman, president of DSM, innovative safety banners

Steve Camp, president of Safe Direction, maker of Safe Direction ballistic containment systems

Brian Hoffner, President of Hoffner’s, maker of innovative blades and holsters

Our industry and Art are indeed blessed to have these heroes courageously producing superior products that encourage all of us to claim our own magnificence!

More tomorrow!