12 Oct 23
This morning, I heard a NYC politician say, “… we just want to feel safe.” This in response to a world-wide call today by an Iranian official for anti-Jewish/anti-Western violence this Saturday, by all Islamics, no matter where they are.
NYPD is on high alert, as are PDs in a number of other cities.
How did we, as a civilization, become so naive?
Air-headed leftists simply want to “feel safe,” and this is the prime driver in their lives.
Taking personal responsibility for their own safety doesn’t even enter their thought process!
As long as they “feel safe,” reality is apparently irrelevant.
“Feel” any way you want. That won’t change anything!
The issue (known all too well by those of us who go armed) is that there is a big difference between naively “feeling safe” and materially reducing personal risk
The word, “if,” denotes fantasy, as in, “if I win the lottery.”
The word, “when,” denotes imminence, as in, “When out, I am aware of my surroundings.”
Words have meaning, and the language we use starkly reveals our individual character.
Operators face reality in all its bareness, and act accordingly.
Air-heads pretend what’s in front of them really isn’t there, and suffer logical consequences.
When they live through it, all they can say is, “It’s so unfair!”
Who take reality lightly don’t die of old age!
Be careful this weekend!