17 Oct 23
As the situation in Israel and Gaza continues to immolate, JRB himself is scheduled to visit Israel tomorrow aboard Air Force One for “conferences” with politicians from Israel and other area nations.
Probably not a good idea, given local circumstances!
In any event, a delegation from Jordan will not be attending. Neither will Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
I’m not sure who’s left!
There was an explosion at a Gaza hospital today, which resulted in many deaths and injuries, as well as pretty much putting the hospital out of operation.
Of course, fingers are being pointed in all directions. Most likely, damage was done by an errant Hamas rocket being fired from Gaza into Israel.
Meanwhile, the radical Islamist who murdered two and injured one in Brussels yesterday was identified as an “asylum-seeker” from Tunis, whose claim was rejected, but he remained in the country (illegally) anyway.
Sound familiar?
Reports from the invasion of Israel last Saturday clearly demonstrate that Islamic ideologues, who are so “aggressive” when murdering defenseless children, flee like mice when confronted with armed Israelis, even when defenders are armed only with pistols!
Yet another confirmation that, when defenders routinely go armed and are well-trained and determined, sleazy criminals are no match!
I hope that critical lesson is not lost on Israelis, Europeans, and Americans, as we’re all likely to be testing that theory soon.
The unarmed of this world are extremely vulnerable, as we see.
As for Palestinians, they are in no better mood today than they were when David slew Goliath in 1100 BC!
Today, displaced Palestinians aren’t wanted anywhere, even by their Arab cousins, as they tend to destabilize whatever nation invites them in.
Thus, Egypt doesn’t want them. Neither does Jordan.
I don’t really see JRB’s visit having much influence on any of the current players!
This War is about to expand dramatically, and may not be confined to Gaza, as residents of Brussels are discovering.
We may see incidents over here.
We’re already seeing commercial supplies of 5.56 and 9mm drying-up!
Stay alert, aware, informed, prepared. Stay away from crowds. Go armed. Maintain a low profile (stealth existence)
“Who knows what’s ‘safe?’ My own grandmother fought Indians for sixty years, then choked to death on a lemon pie!”
Bisbee, AZ town Marshall (played by Ford Rainey) to his posse members in the 1957 feature film, “3:10 to Yuma,” starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin