19 Oct 23
“Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”
Dorothy Allison
The Art of Half-Truth, as currently practiced by our leftist “news media”
Like “political correctness” (tyranny upon free speech), half-truth infects our discourse.
Two separate news reports, by two different news stations, about an incident that happened yesterday in NYC.
A woman was pushed into a moving subway train and severely injured
In the leftist/half-truth “report” from CBS, we learn that police know whom the attacker is and are looking for him, but he is not named and there is no photo.
We also learn that this murderous attack was “random,” so the rest of us don’t need to worry!
On Fox, reporting the same incident, the attacker is named, and we see his photo.
This vicious attack took place on a well-used, well-lighted platform
This attacker is “emotionally disturbed” and well-known to police
He is still at-large and extremely dangerous, so maybe the rest of us do need to worry!
“Restorative justice” and “bail reform” have put large numbers of these kinds of dangerous
criminals out on the streets, and the City cannot protect you from them, nor are they inclined to.
The president of the Transit System expressed his disgust that dangerous mental cases, like this one, are permitted to run around the city randomly attacking innocent people.
Our inherently dishonest, leftist media loves pat answers, cute sound-bites, and encourages people to adopt a lifestyle characterized by self-deception and willful blindness.
These are the same frauds who told Israelis on 5 Oct 23 that they “don’t need guns,” and that anyone who owns guns is a “racist” and “colonizer”
As it turns out, armed Israeli “colonizers” survived the Hamas attack.
The unarmed didn’t!
But, truth like that frightens the media, and their dishonorable reaction is always not to report it!