13 Oct 23
Predicting the Future!
Lacking the gift of prophesy, I’m going to make predictions anyway:
Israel’s offensive operation(s) in Gaza, maybe Lebanon, will be spectacularly successful, though casualties will be significant. Many Hamas members, and others, will be DRT
As it goes on, spineless Euroweenies, anti-Jewish elements at the UN, and weak-kneed Democrats (many also overtly anti-Jewish) in this country will start urging Israel to stop the war before it is finished.
Scenario is predictable:
First, we’ll hear that Hamas’ invasion of Israeli sovereign territory last Saturday and their subsequent murder of over a thousand innocent Israelis, almost all non-combatants (including many minor children, even infants), as well as the forced abduction of over one hundred hostages, “wasn’t all that bad!”
Next, we’ll hear that it was all “greatly exaggerated”
Finally, we’ll hear that “it never really happened!”
This is precisely what happened when the full extent of the Holocaust (1935-1945) was revealed in post-WWII Europe.
This is why Eisenhower insisted that his liberation of Nazi death camps in 1945 be filmed, because he said himself that no one would ever believe it otherwise.
Eisenhower was right!
Many deny it ever happened, even today. Many others contend “it really wasn’t all that bad”
Fortunately, the War in Europe was finished, and the truth came out, for all who wanted to hear it.
I’ve little doubt that we’re going to see the same thing in 2023!
Don’t allow amoral leftist sleaze to blur the truth.
We know they’ll try!
“How about a shot of truth in that ‘denial cocktail?’”
Jennifer Salaiz