21 Mar 22
“It is within the context of these forms of collegiate stupidity that we can understand the one that is now the most salient:
Wokeism can be thought of as the opportunistic infection of a host with an already weakened intellectual immune system.
Students haven’t learned to think, so they lack the means to spot its inconsistencies, hypocrisies, absurdities.
They haven’t learned to read, so they uncritically absorb its empty language.
They know little of history, so they blindly accept whatever tendentious version wokeism hands them.”
William Deresiewicz
As the new “Joe Stalin” fully emerges in Russia, with all the cruelty, deceitfulness, and utter disregard for human suffering and human life for which his spiritual antecedent was so famous, leftist politicians in America, as if they were unaware of world events, continue to confine themselves to denigrating petroleum, trying to take our guns away, and scolding us for “harming the Earth.”
Indeed, American leftists (who feel a close kinship with Marx and Lenin that they’ve never had for Washington and Lincoln) are angry with courageous Ukrainians for putting-up such an effective fight against Putin, whom they still idolize.
And, they’ll predictably continue to make excuses for him when he invades Poland, et al. Otherwise, they would have to admit they’re wrong, something leftists are too vain to ever do!
Meanwhile, all of Europe is now frightened of a Russian (maybe Chinese) military invasion/conquest, and they should be!
Putin is persuaded that the West, America in particular, is so shot-through with self-centered, freedom-hating, woke cowards (as exemplified by our current president) that he can do pretty much whatever he wants, and western leftist politicians will confine themselves to hand-wringing and nail-biting.
So far, he has been proven right!
Ukrainians are putting us all to shame! They’ve put their money (and lives) where their mouth is! They’re willing to fight this evil monster, to the last!
… all while the suicidal “West” hides and makes excuses.
Darkness is rapidly overtaking us!
“Life is just as deadly as it looks.
Fiction is far more forgiving.”
Richard Thompson