21 June 16

Media Bias?

Last week, an arrogant, self-righteous liberal reporter (is there another kind?) for a major Chicago newspaper decided to “research” the ease with which one can legally buy an “assault rifle” in IL. All gun retailers have been long-since run-out of the City of Chicago, but not adjacent areas.

As with all liberal “research,” this reporter promptly got his suppositions and conclusions mixed together. He was out to “prove” how easy it is for anyone to buy a military-style rifle, even in IL, not to actually learn anything.

As it turns out, he embarrassingly proved the opposite!

Like all liberals, he still vainly insists he is incapable of being wrong, and that gun-owners and retailers are just “out to get him,” because he is a reporter.

After filling out requiem paperwork, and displaying his valid IL FOID card, he purchased a S&W AR at a local gun retailer. NICS approved the sale, but he still had to wait twenty-four hours before taking possession.

The owner of the gun store called him later that day, and said the sale was cancelled, his money would be refunded, and that he could not take possession of the rifle.

It turns out this reporter had written a tell-all autobiography, in which he described himself as a drunk and wife-beater. However, he still had a valid FOID card, and NICS still didn’t bounce his application.

Yet, when the retailer discovered the foregoing, he canceled the sale on his personal initiative, which is his right and responsibility to do. Even when a sale is approved by NICS, when the potential buyer indicates he will use the gun in question to commit a crime, or for some other illegal/improper/nefarious purpose, no FFL I know will allow the sale to go through.

In short, the system is full of upright, moral people, except for this reporter!

Not surprisingly, the reporter threw a temper-tantrum, but the retailer stood firm.

The retailer is a hero. This reporter is a sleazy, amoral fraud, and a disgrace to his profession.

Unfortunately, our liberal media is full of them!