20 June 16

“You’re going to meet people who lie to get what they want, but they teach you a valuable lesson:

Whom not to trust!”


The “Narrative”

Democrat’s line to American citizens for many decades (as long as I can remember) has been:

“You’re too stupid to own a gun!”

We need our privately-owned guns and ammunition forcibly confiscated from American citizens, “for our own good.” They call strong-arm gun-confiscation “common-sense regulation,” so we can become a “gun-free utopia,” just like Venezuela!

We’re hearing the same, weary “You’re too stupid to own a gun” argument being made on the Senate floor this morning. Wide-eyed neo-Marxists (Democrats and RINOs) gleefully discussing secret “lists,” secret courts, secret trials, et at, as they rub their palms. Reminds me of Stalinists in 1938!

And right on cue, today the BHO Administration is adding another predictable line to the refrain:

“You’re also too stupid to hear the truth”

“Transcripts” of the Orlando night-club murderer, ostensibly “released to the public” today, but with one important stipulation:

Everything the Administration doesn’t want you to hear has been stripped from the “official version” they “released.”

For example, all references to Islam, ISIS, etc have been erased! Islam and ISIS apparently rate “protection” from this Administration! In any event, the Administration’s vile contempt for Americans, particularly productive ones, apparently justifies withholding important (but embarrassing to the Administration’s agenda/narrative) information.

We are to believe ISIS is not the problem. Remember, they’ve been “degraded,” “dissipated,” “defeated,” ad nauseam (except in Orlando, Santa Barbara, Paris, etc). The real, and only, villains are American gun-owners!

That is their narrative, supported by the blindly-obedient leftist media, and they’re sticking to it!

Nicolas Maduro, BHO’s equivalent in Venezuela, says the same things to his citizens, and he adds:

“… and you’re so stupid, you’ll vote for me anyway!”

Imagine that!