25 June 16

“Our great democracies still think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever one, and our politicians take advantage of this prejudice by pretending to be even more stupid than nature made them.”

Bertrand Russell

Atlas is Shrugging!

The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of leftists/socialists came into sharp focus this week as weary, exasperated Brits voted to remove themselves from the so-called “EU.”

The EU was many decades in its creation, but predictably dominance-oriented leftists, with their endless layers of asphyxiating bureaucracies, quickly took control and began to smother all personal initiative, suffocate individual liberty and freedom, and corrode national integrity, while always arranging to live obscene luxury themselves.

Leftists are all alike, and so very predictable!

Borders were demolished, and the flood of non-assimilating, non-productive, and disease-ridden from the world’s most notorious shit-holes promptly overwhelmed health-cares systems, welfare systems, sanitary systems, and the ability to maintain civic order.

Brits are finally fed-up! So are the French, Germans, et al. The “EU” is breaking apart, and should!

The entire notion of an “enlightened” world government is in disrepute. Everyone except naive “globalists” can plainly see that any government big enough to govern the entire world is big enough to enslave us all!

While all this is happening, and conspicuously missing from our liberal media:

Russia has unilaterally pulled-out of the CFE (Conventional Forces, Europe) treaty, that moved Russian armies east of the Ural Mountains. Putin is currently moving them back onto crumbling NATO’s borders. NATO and US commanders know and understand Russian forces will now overwhelm them in as little as 48 hours. Easily done without nukes, conventional forces only.

Without warning, Russian missiles will neutralize critical NATO bases and command centers in a pre-emptive strike. In fact, they have the entire Continent, including England, covered with IRBMs, and have the ability to neutralize concentrated NATO forces during the opening phase of their campaign.

Over here, BHO has naively assured us that Russia, with thousands of deliverable nuclear weapons that can reach any point on the globe, is a “regional power”

Western Europeans, including Brits, had better move fast, or learn to speak Arabic, or Russian!

We’re not far behind!