9 June 20
“National” Police?
It is in the interests of tyranny and aspiring leftist tyrants to discredit, and eventually disband (defund), local police and sheriff’s departments.
By doing so, Marxicrats open the door to the creation of a “national” police force, a “Gestapo” over which they will have complete control, and which they will ruthlessly use to enforce their Marxist agenda
As uniformed patrolmen are replaced with “social workers sitting by telephones,” we will see widespread increases in violent crime and continuing anarchy in most metro areas.
It is exactly what they want!
Even now, police officers are resigning by the hundreds in NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. They’ve grown weary of the “thanks” they get from liberals!
Predictably, Marxicrats will then insist that the only “solution” is to establish their national Gestapo!
Locally-elected sheriffs in certain counties vowed not to enforce unconstitutional laws (passed by Marxicrats) that infringe on our Second-Amendment rights, because they know they work for us. That will never happen with a “national” police force!
Marxicrats are heartbroken that two-million Americans didn’t die from Covid19, as they smugly predicted.
They were planning to pseudo-sanctimoniously lay that at DJT’s feet!
Covid19 thus gave them hope, but despite their best efforts, it didn’t last!
They’re now hoping this new manufactured “crisis,” organized and executed by Marxicrat’s “provisional wing,” ANTIFA, will somehow hand them the Presidential election, if they can only make it last through November.
They’re working tirelessly to that end, as we see!