8 June 20
“You Americans are so gullible!
You won’t accept ‘Communism’ outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up, and discover you already have Communism.
We won’t have to fight you!”
Nikita Khrushchev
“Justice in Policing”
Sucking-up to the mob, Congressional Democrats in Washington DC today predictably introduced their “Promotion of Mob Rule Act”
Democrat strategy is obvious:
1. Bring forth and promote non-stop, ecumenical, precisely-organized destructive pandemonium between now and November. Continuous chaos!
2. Disarm and otherwise emasculate police, so that they cannot control rioting, nor protect property, nor protect citizens, nor protect themselves
2. Create and enforce special privileges for Democrat voters (rioters and assorted other criminals and non-productive). Make sure none are ever prosecuted.
3. Punish police, the productive, tax-payers, capitalists, and all others who don’t vote for Democrats. Destroy their property. Make sure they can’t protect themselves from harm.
4. Deploy NG Troopers for cosmetic purposes only. Make sure they are ordered to stand idly by as property is destroyed, people are hurt, buildings are burned.
5. Promote vandalism and defacing of war and law-enforcement monuments
The foregoing agenda is being relentlessly pushed by the media and deep-state, pretty-boy careerists throughout our military bureaucracy and judicial system, starting at the top.
Democrats are sucking-up to the mob in order to seize political power.
The rest of us are on our own!
Democracy is being fatally wounded!
Trotsky would be proud!
“We need to face, we need to confront, and really look at what’s happening, not try and explain it away, nor give it justifications, nor anything.
Because at this juncture, we still, by our fingernails, have the chance to turn this around.
But, when we don’t push back, don’t face it, don’t confront it for what it is, they (Communists) will just take over, and then no one will be free.”
Vivian Kubrick