10 June 20
None dare call it treason!
None dare call them Communists!
Visibly armed ANTIFA thugs took over an entire section of the City of Seattle today, including a police precinct station.
The “response” of the Democrat mayor and police chief was that both bent-over and dropped their pants!
Of course, no one is surprised! ANTIFA thugs are smugly confident Marxicrats will do nothing.
I suspect this will become a trend in any number of other metro areas!
Marxicrats is Congress are voicing no objection!
All those naive Seattle liberals voted these sleazy Marxicrats into important political positions, and now they’re inheriting predictable results.
Like Minneapolis liberals, I sincerely hope they’re enjoying their “Communist Utopia!”
Neither ANTIFA, nor their DNC sponsors, care one whit about “black lives!”
They’re using black people to facilitate a Communist takeover, and enslave us all, and they are succeeding, because Republican politicians and others, who should be speaking-out are, in the end, disgusting cowards, as we see!
Marxicrats are evil people, evil beyond your wildest nightmares! We’ve seen many examples of their murderous handiwork. They’re fully aware that good and decent people know it and thus don’t vote for them, so they going to shove Communism down our throats, as is their habit.
They don’t care about our votes. They can buy and intimidate all the votes they want!
All who object are “racists,”
None dare speak-out against them!
We’re on our own!
“Your silence will not protect you.”
Audre Lorde