19 July 18

“Security Story,” from a friend and student:

“We were visiting family in a ‘nice’ suburban area in New England on Monday.

With me was my eleven-month-old grandson (secured in car seat), and his father.

As we exited our car, we were greeted by a neighbor who was with her two-year-old boy and their small dog (on a short leash).

With no warning, I heard an undefined commotion behind me. I turned my head casually.

What I saw, to my surprise, was two full-size, adult pit bulls, unleashed, and racing toward me!

In the passage of less than two more seconds, the dogs roughly jumped over my grandson (still secured in his car seat), struck head-on and bowled-over the neighbor’s year-old-boy, knocking him to the pavement, and then jumped aggressively onto the small dog the neighbor had on a leash.

Here’s where my self-critique may perhaps be of help to other serious Operators:

1) The pit bulls were not impressed with my S&W 638 revolver, as it never came into play! It was resting within a leather pocket-holster inside a cargo-pocket that was snapped closed.

Speed of the attack rendered the little pistol irrelevant!

2) The pit bulls were similarly unimpressed with my two HKS speed-loaders, containing high-performance, HP ammunition, secured inside the same pocket!

Again, all irrelevant!

3) Likewise unimpressed and unresponsive were the dogs with the torrent of anger-filled commands and vulgar expletives that were screamed at them by all three adults present!

Neither dog paid any attention to us!

What I did do was draw my instantly-accessible Gerber Model 06 Folding Knife that was secured by clip along the seam of my right-side, front pocket.

Instead of taking the time to deploy the blade, I clenched the closed knife’s aluminum grip in my closed right fist, jumped onto the dogs, and used the steel pommel tip to strike both dogs in the head and nose, with as much physical force as I could muster.

That finally got their attention!

Both dogs squealed and backed off, shaking their heads back and forth.

The pit bulls’ owner suddenly showed-up, shouting apologies! She got control of her dogs and took them away.

Both boys suffered abrasions, but nothing serious.

The leashed “victim dog” was covered with saliva, but suffered no serious damage.

Police were summoned, and the pit bulls’ owner was charged.

I was humbled and disappointed with my inability to quickly access my carry-pistol!

I “go armed,” or so I thought, but I was obviously kidding myself!”


This question comes up often in Classes!

“Just how much time do you think you’re going to have to act in any kind of productive way during your next “security emergency?

Will you be texted, Face-Timed, or “tweeted” in advance to be alert and prepared?”

Like my friend, above, many casually “go armed,” but without first critically looking at their concealment method, much less actually testing it!

It’s “come-as-you-are-war,” and you’re either ready, or you’re not. In the latter case, you’ll not likely get a second chance!

“Fate makes no appointments, nor does it wait on any man! You have to be alert and ready the instant it arrives.”