16 July 18


Most domestic school systems heavily “filter” email, not just children’s email, but everyone’s!

Subscribers with “.edu” or “k12″ somewhere in their email address frequently complain that DTI Quips are not getting through.

DTI Quips frequently contain words and topics that are likely to be “flagged” by such filters.

The result is that “offending” email does not go into a “spam file,” where it can be reviewed, and rejected at the pleasure of the recipient.

No, institutional “filters” assure that the recipient never even sees it, nor is he made aware it ever existed!

With institutions, such “filtering” is not voluntarily! Recipients are not given a choice, nor do they have any input with regard to what terms and subjects are “filtered out.”

With personal email addresses, recipients can voluntarily impose filtering. This represents a personal choice, and most providers make it available, to one degree or another.

However, with institutions (particularly educational), involuntarily, often secret, “filtering” of email messages, and other communication, has become routine.

It is involuntarily imposed by so-called “educators,” who comically claim to be “fighting for freedom!”

A reminder:

Just as our Constitution does not guarantee innocent people a fair trial, our First Amendment was not put in place in order to protect speech you love!

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy, because you have ‘nothing to hide’ is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech, because you have nothing to say.”