21 July 18

HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) form:

Precious few of us actually read forms shoved in front of our face as we enter a hospital, or that are casually handed to us by our own physician.

Many are told:

“You don’t need to read it. Just sign it!”

Much of the “release” is directed at the “sharing” of your entire record (at the doctor’s discretion) with others involved in your treatment.


What I find troubling is what I’ve found after reading some “HIPPA releases” in common usage.

Many contain language indicating that anything in any medical record of the person signing the release will be automatically released to law enforcement, as “part of an investigation.”

To me, that means any LEO can get my entire medical record merely by demanding it, and stating that it is sought as “part of an investigation.”

No search warrant, nor “probable cause” necessary.

No due process.

No guarantee with regard to where “confidential” information will end up, nor who will ultimately have access to it.

Most of us naively believe information regarding our medical care is privileged and private!

Oh, that it were true!

However, you can cross-out and initial the offending paragraph!

Even when you have already signed the form, offending “releases” can be revoked at any time!

Once again, “privacy,” in any form, is mostly myth!

Taking what steps we can to protect what little remains is, for most of us, a good idea!

“Privacy and accountability:

Politicians demand the former for themselves, and the latter from everyone else!”

David Brin