31 Mar 22
“Preparedness carries the day.”
FC Yee
Excitement in Israel:
Three deadly terror attacks, eleven innocent Israelis wantonly murdered (many more injured), in less than a single week!
And now Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, at long last, says:
“Whoever has a weapons license, this is the time to carry it”
Ya think?
In addition, “Israeli soldiers are now authorized to bring their weapons home”
Imagine that!
Can you envisage hand-wringing, sweaty-palmed star-wearers in the USA, in their wildest wet dreams, ever allowing our courageous officers and S/NCOs to carry assigned personal weapons from base to home and from home to base, in a sincere effort to promote security in our Homeland?
Our military’s ever-present, woke-inspired gun-phobia is just as dangerous as Covid, and just as preventable!
Where politicians (in and out of uniform) continue to insist that only their bodyguards should have guns, and the rest of us are expendable cannon-fodder, armed terrorists will continue to enjoy easy pickings, and the only penalty politicians themselves will ever pay is being a few minutes late for their golf games.
What strikes fear into hearts of murderous terrorists, in Israel and the USA, is the troubling thought that at least some potential victims might routinely go armed!
Nothing else does, as we see!