21 Jan 21
“It difficult for me to believe that, after narrowly escaping Communism in Poland thirty-two years ago, I am now back where I started, right here in the USA!
Today, Poland enjoys a thriving capitalistic economy, a truly free press. Who seriously mentions socialism or Communism there is promptly laughed out of the room!
I now look forward to a future when, once again, I will be celebrating, with millions of other Americans, while standing on the discredited ruins of leftist ideology, with its laughably, demonstrably unworkable social and economic constructs.
Of that I am certain!”
A Polish ex-patriot
JRB has not been in office for one week, and yet he was already being “disrespected” by black-clad ANTIFA thugs (his former supporters) in the Pacific NW as they, as is their all-too-familiar signature, rampaged, looted and destroyed businesses and other private property.
Destruction of property took place with Seattle PD looking-on. They made only three arrests, but of course, who cares about capitalists or their property?
Curiously, JRB made no mention in his inauguration speech of incessant, violent rioting by leftists that has rocked and degraded America’s streets on a nightly basis since early Summer of 2020.
Once “placated,” (given everything they want) ANTIFA will be JRB’s “street enforcers,” terrorizing all “dissenters,” or that at least was the plan.
Now ANTIFA says they are “ungovernable,” hate JRB as much as they did DJT, and want only “revenge” against “police murderers” and Republicans in general.
I’m sure a few ANTIFA thugs are now feeling like “useful idiots.” They, and their wanton destruction of property owned by evil capitalists, was cheered-on by Democrats, right up until the election.
Suddenly, they’re orphans!
They need to study history!
“It was, as everyone has said, a miracle of organization. We are so good at that sort of thing!
When we surrender the last defenses of our Empire, you may be certain that the protocols, like the graves, will
be in perfect order!”
Douglas Jerrold, commenting on the evacuation of beleaguered British troops from the failed Gallipoli Theater,