22 Jan 21
“Our First Amendment was not designed to protect speech you love. It is there to protect speech you hate.”
Larry Flynt
Having and expressing “non-government-approved thoughts” is not a crime in America (see above)!
But, it has suddenly been made a “crime” by the new Administration, particularly for NG troopers, the same troopers who, assigned to DC during the inauguration, were not allowed to have magazines in their rifles, even empty magazines, because it might “look menacing.”
Those same unarmed troopers have now been unceremoniously thrown-out of government buildings where they had been standing-by and told to camp-out in parking lots, with no restrooms, no heat, no facilities.
This utter contempt with which troopers are being treated pretty much demonstrates what leftist politicians think of our military!
In fact, the leftist NY Times is encouraging our troopers to rat on their brothers.
Who “liked” a Trump Facebook post has to be a “far-right extremist,” with “a propensity toward racism, xenophobia, anti-government sentiments,”
Oh my!
Sorry NYT, but this is America, and none of that is illegal!
Curiously, the NYT apparently does not consider “far-left extremists” to be of any concern!
NYT editorialists, little more than marionettes for the DNC, obviously see nothing wrong with an aggressive “turn-in-your-neighbor” program, where anyone harboring “non-government-approved-thoughts” can be identified, labeled, put on a “List,” excluded from participation,
and all that is just for starters!
This is so Stalinesque!
“A strength of Communism is that it has the character of a religion, and inspires emotions of a religion”
Albert Einstein