19 Jan 21
“We’re in charge now. You and your kind are going to get what’s coming to you.”
Recent comment from a smug leftist ideologue
We’ve entered a new “dark age” regarding freedom of speech!
We have been aware for decades that our “mainstream media” are little more than duteous leftist puppets, but now large tech-firms are taking “politically correct speech” (Communist dogma) to a monstrous new level, engaging in censorship that rivals what was regularly practiced in Stalin’s Soviet Union!
Leftist propagandists (the media) actively manufacture sinister “buzz words” and phrases in an effort to promote their Marxist agenda. “High-capacity magazine,” “gun-violence,” “racist,” “hate-speech,” et al are used to shape, and restrict, the dialog.
Their latest fabricated term, “domestic extremism,” is a thinly-veiled attack on pro-American, pro-police, pro-military, pro-Second Amendment, Christians and Jews. As expected, their verbal attacks on us are always vile, vindictive, and personally threatening. They reinforce their rabid hatred by actively getting people fired, removed from boards, ostracized in public, and de-platformed on the internet.
Anything that is not Marxist ass-kissing is immediately labeled “hate-speech.”
AOC, Democrat spokesperson, not surprisingly has recently called upon the new administration to “reign-in the free press.” I can’t imagine what she is complaining about. The press already grovels at her feet!
Curiously, leftist extremists, ANTIFA and BLM, who actually have been consistently violent and destructive are, without fail, consistent media darlings who just can’t do wrong, during their “mostly peaceful” public rampages.
So, I believe we can look forward to an endless series of manufactured “national emergencies” that will be declared as an excuse to continue to impoverish us and eliminate our rights as citizens. We’ll be told the new, ever-more suffocating restrictions are “temporary,” but we all know better!
“To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plan minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then go to bed.
There is nothing sweeter in the world.”
Joseph Stalin