4 Feb 21
“See, people with power understand exactly one thing:
Noam Chomsky
Gangs of armed car-jackers in Chicago are currently finding easy victims among the ever-decreasing few naive suburbanites who are still foolish enough to drive into the city.
“Gun-free” NYC has much the same problem, and it is growing worse in both cities.
And last weekend, in “absolutely-gun-free” London, England, a half dozen stabbing incidents have left at least one UK resident dead and others in critical condition.
London’s Met Police, of course, perfunctorily regurgitate the usual boiler-plate in the aftermath, but it is obvious that there is nothing they can do, nor are inclined to do, any more than can be done, nor will be done, in NYC and Chicago.
“Can the streets of London be taken back from knife-wielding crazies?” Asks the media.
Of course they, and we, already know the answer!
Leftist politicians, there and here, are in love with violent crime!
They enthusiastically enfranchise violent criminals, and when there are still not enough, they import them!
They want all citizens morbidly fearful, defenseless, dependant, suspicious, powerless, divided.
That’s what keeps leftists in power and in ever-increasing control.
Always has.
We’re on our own!
“Never ask God for patience, lest He endow you with reasons for needing it!”
Extra-Scriptural Proverb