4 Feb 21
“Logic is an enemy, and truth a menace”
Rod Serling, in the introduction to “The Obsolete Man,” starring Burgess Meredith, a “Twilight Zone” television episode from 1961
Academics at our ever-leftist Ivy League universities have decided that the best way to avoid war is to pretend it never happened!
Accordingly, they now insist that war history be neither studied nor taught, anywhere!
And, they are enthusiastically enforcing this dogma in our institutes of “higher learning”
Of course, none of these pseudo-sanctimonious academicians have ever themselves served, nor worn their country’s uniform. They’re naturally far too “pure.” And, as they dutifully worship at the feet of Karl Marx and Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), they have piously declared “warnography” to be “subject non-grata.”
Any interest displayed in studying warfare and world history is interpreted as a personal approval of it, which will, of course, automatically put your name on a “List.” Your academic career is finished at that point, as these people, like Lenin before them, have zero tolerance for “counter-revolutionary thought”
While piously professing to be “wise,” modern academics have thus taken an ostrich approach to free inquiry and unrestricted enlightenment. As with all leftists, personal vanity and arrogance ever suffocates logic and truth!
“Faith doesn’t make good science.
Curiosity does!”
Professor Jacob Barnhardt (played by Sam Jaffe) to “Klaatu,” (played by Michael Rennie) in the 1951 feature film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”