9 Feb 21
Follow-up, from a friend in Chicago:
“Reasons for the astounding explosion in carjackings here is that they’re almost all perpetrated by gangs of ‘juveniles’ who:
1) Know they will never prosecuted as adults, probably not prosecuted at all!
2) Know they will be released immediately after arrest, on those extremely rare occasions when they actually are arrested.
3) Know they can carry and use guns, with absolute impunity
4) Know their violent criminal record will be routinely expunged and never follow them into adulthood
5) Know there is a quick cash turnover waiting for them from fences (who will transport stolen vehicles to Mexico), and local chop-shops.
So, there is virtually no risk that attaches to perpetrating repeated violent car-jackings, at least from our Democrat-controlled ‘criminal-justice system’
The only real risk is represented by an occasional armed victim, but even then our ‘criminal-justice-system’ will, of course, concentrate exclusively on prosecuting the victim!
Thus, violent car-jackings are out-of-control here in Chicago, with no foreseeable improvement, and no one cares, certainly no politician.
And, what we all laughingly call ‘elections’ here are all thoroughly rigged, so there is no chance of getting these criminal-loving Marxists out of office!
Don’t come to IL, certainly not to Chicago!”