2 Mar 16

Land of “Opportunity” … to filch off of your follow citizens!

Recently, in CO, a local screwball/loser became involved in a lethal confrontation with sheriff’s deputies during an eviction proceeding. As a result, one deputy was murdered, one seriously injured, and one slightly injured.

Suspect was DRT.

Details are still emerging, but one thing is clear:

It’s the same old story:

The single suspect in this case was a typical disconnected, non-assimilating, non-productive, unemployable, non-contributing, non-tax-paying, ever-whining, self-professing “victim.” He had no visible means of self-support and “lived” off of assorted government handouts, as a permanent lifestyle.

Since he had no connection with the American Economic System, he didn’t have to be nice, nor even polite, to anyone, didn’t have to show-up for work, didn’t have to productively interact with a single other person. He lived alone, stewing in his own juice, incessantly whining about how everyone was “out to get him.”

He was associated with “Occupy Colorado” and several other left-wing groups, made-up exclusively of others among the willfully non-productive and perpetually unemployed. They flatter themselves with phoney, pseudo-sanctimonious titles like “community activist,” “community organizer,” and “reformer.”

The bitter truth is: they are all trashy, amoral, non-productive welfare junkies who are afraid of work!

The miracle of free-market capitalism is that is forces those of us who embrace it to work with each other, for our mutual benefit. You may not always “like” your employer, and he may not like you, but you’re both civil to each other and both work jointly toward a common goal, because that is in your mutual best interests. You need him, and he needs you! By the same token, your employer may, or may not, always like his customers and his vendors, but he is nice to, and honest with, both, because he needs their good will for himself to be successful. The dignity of productive labor breeds personal decency and mutual respect for each other, and for our civilization.

Productive, honorable, and positive social interaction thus becomes a way of life for free-market capitalists, and it serves its practitioners well, for a lifetime.

By contrast, the willfully unproductive will never know, nor understand, any of this. They squander their entire lifetimes intentionally, shamelessly filching off their fellow citizens, because leftists in government make it possible, indeed encourage it. It becomes a degrading, debased, spiteful lifestyle for its adherents, a dead-end “way of life.” Their full potential will never see the light of day, because keeping them “poor” perpetuates leftists in political power, which is why leftists relentlessly seek to expand the “underclass,” and punish the productive.

Ultimately, leftist politics produces people like the above, who “express themselves” and their hateful disconnection from productive society, lethally!

Our System should not allow it, but Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”), actually promote it, in a cynical attempt to trade “favors” for political power for themselves. Like all Marxists, they desperately need a vast sea of pathetic drudge to lord it over. When we finally throw these Constitutional criminals out of office, we will do our best to forget they were ever our countrymen!

With the bodies of murdered police officers at our feet, I trust leftists will understand that this is not a friendly discussion!

Ineptocracy: (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of “government,” where the least capable to lead are elected by the willfully unproductive and non-contributing, and where members of society least likely to sustain themselves, succeed, nor practice personal decency and honesty are relentlessly rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of honorable and principled producers.