4 Mar 16

Trials at EOTech!

Otherwise-popular EOTech red-dot optics are currently at the center of controversy and litigation involving military customers. It is alleged that some models of EOTech will experience a slight precipitous zero-shift under certain temperature extremes.

Many students have anxiously asked me about this emerging issue, and here is my advice to the vast majority of owners and users of EOTech-equipped rifles.

Don’t worry about it!

The average EOTech consumer, in normal use, will never experience any of the problems described/alleged. Even when they do, zero-shift is so small it will be scantily noticed by most shooters at most ranges we train. It will thus have little effect on the utility of your rifle.

My advice is to continue using the EOTech you have. When/if you experience major issues, be concerned. Otherwise, stop worrying about it!

Or, get an Aimpoint!