29 Apr 19

2019 NRA Show and Conference, Indianapolis, IN

This year’s Annual NRA Conference was fraught with controversy, as we all know now.

I didn’t know about any of the high-level wrangling until I arrived, and I still don’t know much!

I’ve never met any of those up the food-chain at NRA, and I only hope things at the top level will settle-down quickly. Political leftists hate our guts, but they’re still afraid of us. We need to ever-assure them that their fear is justified!

Vendor’s area was large, as always.

Of note:

S&W is now offering the Shield Pistol (single-column version of their M&P) with an optical sight (red dot), installed at the factory, along with Hi-Viz light-tube front and rear sights.

Very nice set-up, and I’m sure it will be popular.

FN has been harassed with viral videos purporting to show their FNS Pistol firing as a result of an external blow, with no involvement of the trigger.

My copy of the FNS has always run well, with no such issue, but FN is nonetheless offering an “upgrade” for the FNS, whose owners are concerned. For one, I’m not!

The FNS Pistol, now out of production, has been since superceded by the FN/509, which is very similar, but which has never been associated with problems mentioned above.

Lehigh Defense, makers of their own line of high-performance ammunition, featuring their proprietary, all-copper FTM bullets, also supplies FTM bullets to Black Hills and Underwood, both of whom make their own versions of high-performance ammunition. I have been testing FTM bullets for over a year now, and I am confident enough to carry them in my primary pistol.

A new company, called G9, is making ammunition with a similar-looking bullet, but they are not using bullets supplied by Lehigh. G9 was not at the NRA Show, so I have not had a chance to examine their product closely.

I saw a pistol called the Rex-Delta. It’s a Eastern-European-made, double-column, striker-fired 9mm pistol that retails at $450.00. It’s similar to the Turkish-made Canik Pistol.

The Rex-Delta is entering a crowded market, but it is very acceptable, at least upon first examination.

Like so many others, it features ambidextrous magazine-release buttons and slide-lock levers, which I think are both bad ideas (particularly ambidextrous magazine-release buttons) , but marketing consultants (who don’t even own guns, much less carry them) think the mantra of “ambidextarity” will appeal to American consumers.

A magazine-release button that is on the exposed side of a pistol as it is carried in an invitation to losing a magazine when you get knocked on your fanny, as I’ve editorialized many times before!

By contrast, the Honor Defense HG9CLE is a good example of a pistol manufactured by Operators, who actually carry guns! It’s a single-column 9mm, striker-fired pistol, specifically designed for concealed carry and serious purposes, much like the equally-excellent G48.

There are a number of new makers of purses and handbags designed for concealed carry (off-body), but GTM (Gun Tote’n Mamas) still makes the highest quality product, and the best designs.

Off-body carry represents the only viable option for many!

Between now and the 2020 elections, attacks upon our rights as Americans by leftist political candidates, who
even now are chasing each other to the left edge, desperately trying to “out-Communist” each other, will grow in
intensity, exponentially!

Now is the time to become equipped and trained, and encourage friends and family to do the same.

It’s going to get exciting, maybe violent!