26 Apr 19

“You should not overlook Guidelines of your Culture.

Life is short, and you don’t have time to figure everything out on your own.

The wisdom of the past was hard-earned, and your dead ancestors may have something useful to tell you.”

Jordan Peterson

In the wake of the recent mosque massacre in Christchurch, NZ, NZ’s Police Minister, Stuart Nash, started his latest anti-gun tirade with:

“This is only the start…,” as he described just the first wave of new anti-gun laws

Unlike American Democrat/socialists, he is at least honest when he calls for a complete ban on private ownership of guns in NZ (except for himself, of course).

Innocent, law-abiding NZ gun-owners can now expect a veritable tsunami of anserine administrative dictates, legislation, and regulations specifically designed to make their lives as miserable as possible, but will of course, do nothing to reduce violent crime.

By contrast, Nash’s American socialist comrades continue fraudulently hiding their identical gun-ban agenda, by trying to persuade us that they only want to confiscate “some” of our guns.

I can easily imagine any one of the current crop of 2020 Democrat/socialist presidential candidates hoarsely mimicking Nash’s comments, screaming-out those same four words (in a rare moment of honesty), at a future political rally, as they try to garner the support of far-left snowflakes.

So many have sacrificed so much, so that we Americans can enjoy the personal freedom and liberty that so many now want to casually throw away, and that so many socialists just can’t wait to take away from us, forever!

Who really believes that individual freedom, once taken from us, will ever be voluntarily restored by socialist politicians, is a naive fool.

Who really believes a government, who can’t even balance its own checkbook, is either capable or inclined to protect them, is an even bigger fool!

“Americans of the twenty-first century should not squander our precious heritage of Constitutional liberty, bequeathed by the Patriots.”