30 Apr 19

“Both liberal government and liberal media sources are increasingly unwilling to report facts, when the truth is incongruous with their Marxist agenda.”


The truth: GUN PRESENCE stops “Gun Violence!”

They’ve painfully discovered in the UK, now that private gun-ownership there is virtually extinct, yet violent crime
persists, all despite solemn promises that violent crime would be completely eliminated via a ban on private ownership of guns!

Guns, and now knives, are emphatically denigrated by leftist politicians who want to ban them all- and they have been almost completely successful in the UK.

Curiously however, the violence-free utopia liberals interminably promised has yet to arrive!

In fact, quite the opposite has happened. Violent crime in the UK not only persists, it’s growing exponentially worse!

While there is still violent crime involving guns in the UK, “knife crime” has stolen the headlines!

Now that guns are supposedly gone, it is knives (in all forms) that liberals want to ban from private ownership.

These are the same liberals who have already banned guns.

Grotesquely, their own taxpayer-funded, and heavily-armed (with guns and knives) bodyguards, are hypocritically exempted from sanctimonious gun bans imposed upon everyone else!

How convenient!

Given this sad history of ever-increasing violent crime in the UK, is there reason for anyone to believe that a “knife ban” will be any more effective in reducing violent crime than was their failed “gun ban?”

Conversely over here, the refreshing reality of a “good-guy-with-a-gun” being armed, present, and ready to fight back at a southern CA synagogue last Saturday, almost certainly saved many innocent lives.

Of course, the phrase, “good-guy-with-a-gun” is regularly mocked, derided, lampooned, and reviled by oh-so pious socialist/progressives and their media lackeys.

Thank Heaven, last Saturday an off-watch US Border Patrol Agent, who happened to be at that very synagogue, didn’t listen to them!

You shouldn’t either!

The answer, the obvious answer and the only reasonable/effective answer, to violent crime (“gun violence” if you want to use that airheaded term) is:


Guns, in a high state of readiness and continuously, courageously born by competent Operators, will stop “gun violence” every time.

Nothing else will!

Guns routinely carried by Operators, even when they’re not actually fired, nor even brandished, always represent a powerful deterrent, in fact the sole effective deterrent, to violent criminals and their harmful agendas.

From decades of bitter experience, Israelis know and understand this fundamental truth better than most, and have acted accordingly!

Meanwhile, many vociferous Second -Amendment haters here will scream loudly on every liberal mainstream propaganda broadcast (masquerading as “news”) between now and Election Day in November of 2020.

From behind their heavily-armed cadre of bodyguards, they’ll hypocritically insist that for you to own any kind of gun is “immoral.” Carrying a gun they’ll scream, is a “crime against humanity”

Like the heroic Border Patrol Agent mentioned above, don’t listen to them!

They’re talking to you the same way a spider talks to a fly!

“Gun presence” will preserve your life and health, and that of your family, maybe other innocent bystanders.

Be assured:

Nothing else will!

“We must fight vigorously any attempt to force us to rely solely upon a government for our personal safety, a government who can’t even balance its own checkbook.”

J Kohler