12 June 20
It’s too late to say you’re sorry!
How would I know?
Why would I care?
From “She’s not There,” sung by the Zombies (UK), released in 1964
Before elite liberal/socialists become too self-satisfied about recent events, where hated capitalists are seeing their property burned and otherwise destroyed, or seized, by anarchists, and we watch these same anarchists vandalize war memorials that have stood for more than a century, and all this destruction/vandalism takes place as liberal Democrat mayors and governors smugly stand-by and do nothing and piously insist we are all being appropriately punished for our great national sin of individual freedom, they need to consider the following:
Four Stages of Communist Revolution:
1 Kneelers become squealers!
But, squealing loudly will not, in the end, save kneelers’ lives, which are worth less than nothing to the Revolution’s countless cadres of comrades who are newly-appointed, enthusiastic executioners.
2 Grovelers become shovelers!
Comrades of the Revolution believe that it is equitable, fair, and just for each groveler to dig his own grave, just prior to his reception of an equitable, fair, and just bullet to the back of his head!
3 Appeasers become torturer-pleasers.
Comrades of the Revolution revel in engaging in acts of sadistic violence and take special delight in tormenting arrested former supporters who scream in protest, “But, I did what you said! I did what you wanted! I am a loyal party member! You’re making a mistake!”
Comrades of the Revolution laughingly reply, “No mistake capitalist pig, counter-revolutionary dog, imperialist lackey!”
4. Elite snobs are liquidated by mobs.
Mobs of the Revolution are sexually aroused by a constant supply of “living representatives of society’s great,” which they then convert, with unlimited zeal, into “piles of bodies of ‘enemies of the state.’”
This ongoing “Revolution” is a lot more serious than shallow, vain, arrogant, self-centered snowflakes who support it naively believe.
Ethics, honor, morality, law, “racial harmony,” and our Constitution are all utterly irrelevant to Comrades of the Revolution!
Their naive supporters will, without fail, die in amazement!
Their last self-indulgent words will be, “This is so unfair!”