13 Aug 20 Possible? “There are two things we should always be: 1) Raw 2) Ready When you are raw, you are always ready, and when you are ready you usually realize that you are raw. Waiting for ‘perfection’ is not an answer. One cannot say, ‘I will be ready when I am perfect,’ because then you will never be ready. Rather, one must say, ‘I am raw, and I am ready, just like this, right now!” C JoyBell In the primitive New World, our courageous ancestors needed the capacity to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. There was no “911″ when Indians or brigands attacked! Frontiersman had to have rifles, pistols, and an individual “possibles bag” always handy, and in a high state of readiness. This gave rise to the principle of the “Minute Man” during the American Revolution. Today, many are (re)discovering that self-reliance is still king! Today, when a citizen frantically calls 911, police may not be permitted to respond. Democrat politicians are currently ordering police not to protect anyone who is not one of their obsequious supporters, as we’re seeing! Democrat prosecutors are universally dropping charges against violent felons who now freely victimize Republicans, Christians, Jews, capitalists, tax-payers. So, militant criminals have little to fear as they break-and-enter, destroy, loot, maim, murder, extort, vandalize. “Protection,” always mostly myth, has now officially vanished in Democrat-controlled metro areas, again as we see! Those of us now unhappily confronting this desperate reality, find ourselves much like pioneers during the French and Indian Wars of the mid-1700s! Having a “possibles bag,” to go with your M4, XCR, PTR, FAL, AK, M1A, M1 Carbine, will cut-back on drama! A “possibles bag” that contains: Charged magazines Flashlight Spare optics batteries Trauma kit Water bottle MRE Segmented cleaning rod Lubricant Cash Cell phone Baseball cap Sunscreen Etc Personal, individual “readiness” is currently as relevant than it has ever been! It’s going to get worse, much worse! /John