1 July 20 The “Party Line” “All previous Communist states failed, because the USA suppressed them economically, socially, militarily, and politically. There is nothing inherently wrong with Communism! Communism does not continuously fail, because the system is intellectually flawed, in concept nor execution. It would have worked wonderfully if we ‘greedy western capitalists’ had given it a chance. Venezuela and Cuba, for example, would today both be shining examples of a worker’s paradise, an enlightened utopia, had the USA not thrown its power behind crushing their otherwise thriving economies.” The foregoing is what you’ll hear, without end, from Democrat political candidates, including their presidential candidates, from here on. Communism, and those arguing in favor of it, wilt like stale flowers when confronted with facts. Their contentions are facetious and without historical foundation. Always have been! However, their enthusiasm for ushering-in a permanent (Communism is always “permanent”) socialist/Communist regime in the former USA is not in the least dampened by the abject failure, without exception, of Communist governments elsewhere. Layered on top of that profound denial of reality is a snobbishly elitist, existentially racist, notion that:“Sure, other Communist regimes failed, but we are better than they”. In other words, “Communism really works. The only issue is that all the wrong people have been in charge, so far” Modern Democrats represent a generation of spoiled, self-indulgent brats, who vainly imagine they’re somehow immune from failure, merely because they never had to try, never had to produce, nor work at anything! Everything they wanted, they got without working. From parents to politics, all they ever had to do was whine, and they were given everything they wanted. They think that is the way the world ought to work. The scary thing is that they actually believe it. They are genuinely evil people! Comes the Revolution, this email will probably be read aloud at my trial. And, I’ll be lined-up against a wall, along with countless other patriotic Americans who were taught from birth to be good, decent, and productive citizens, caring, generous, polite, daring, audacious, proud, respectful, and reverent, and we’ll all be shot, and thereafter quickly forgotten! Afterward, astonished “useful idiots,” media lackeys, liberal snowflakes, et al will also be rounded-up, lined-up, and also shot, despite their pitiably naive pleas of innocence! They’ll be forgotten even faster! Then, the promised “utopia” will finally begin! “History” is not just past events. Real history is happening right now, right under our feet, and we’ll be lucky to live through it! “Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it’s just the opposite!” John Kenneth Galbraith /John