4 Mar 19

Democrats and (your) Guns!

Law-abiding American gun-owners, so viciously hated and feared by Democrats (and all other totalitarians) are slated to be the sole target of Democrats’ anti-gun/anti-freedom agenda as we approach 2020 elections.

Here are the steps (completely predictable, since they were/are used by Stalin, Pol Pot, Maduro, and all other Communists)

1. Identification

“It’s just ‘common sense,” they insist

“We demand to know whom your are, what guns you own, where you live, with whom you associate, what organizations of which you are a member. We also insist on examining your social-media and medical histories, and we demand a list of all prescription drugs you take.

We demand the authority to come to you home any time, unannounced, and examine you weapon(s), so we’re sure they are completely inaccessible and thus perfectly useless for any personal security mission.”

They’re already doing this in Canada. In fact, burglary suspects there are routinely granted immunity from prosecution, in exchange for their testimony that the homeowner’s guns were “improperly stored!”

When Democrats look hard enough, they will surely find some reason that your “gun privileges” should be revoked, forever, particularly when you don’t vote for them,

When Democrats take-over, we can thus look forward to mandatory registration of all guns, and licensing of all gun-owners, as a necessary precursor to confiscation and incarceration.

In states where Democrats are already in control, that is exactly what they’re doing now, along with imposing “red-flag” laws, which allow them to precipitously seize guns owned by outspoken political opponents, forever, on the flimsiest of pretexts.

Democrats are also moving aggressively to revoke legal concealed carry in states where they’ve taken over.

2. Demonetization:

Democrat commissars and lackeys in the media will continue to be recruited to run “stories” unfailingly portraying American gun-owners as radical, unsound, violence-prone criminals. They must thus all be “watched” closely and immediately “turned-in” to police by their neighbors when they “appear suspicions.”

Guns themselves will continue to be portrayed at unstable, inherently unsafe, intrinsically evil machines that regularly “go off” by themselves.

Gun manufacturers and retailers will continue to be portrayed as part of a gigantic, ecumenical criminal enterprise, dedicated to “excessive and dangerous freedom”

First this gun is made illegal. Then that one. They’ll thus nibble away at our rights until “legal guns” no longer exist!

3. Intimidation

We can look forward to Democratic presidential candidates continuing to openly talk about the propriety of their party using overt harassment and violent threats in an attempt to intimidate American gun-owners, as well as the rest of the few remaining who openly speak-out against their Marxist agenda.

4. Marginalization

The media will, once again, be only too happy to assist Democrats is convincing all Americans that gun-owners should be shunned, treated as outcasts and “undesirables.”

5. Separation

Democrats will demand that all gun-owners be asked to depart from any organization they can intimidate into capitulating to their agenda.

Democrats will demand that the question:

“Are you, or have you ever been, a gun owner?” be asked of anyone attempting to become a member of any group. A positive, or even hesitating, answer will, of course, be prima-facie grounds for rejection/ejection-

6. Isolation

The next step with be an aggressive “Turn-in Your Neighbor” Program, followed quickly by the dreaded “Knock at Midnight.”

7. Eradication

Democrats will work tirelessly to seize all formally legally-owned guns, on any pretext they can manufacture.

A few confiscated guns will be destroyed in a very high-profile display, but most will be quietly “redistributed” among an army of newly-enfranchised “protectors,” who will be curiously exempt from compliance with the aforementioned bans, and all other gun-control legislation!

“A gun-free America” is thus their flowery, but blatantly false, motto!

Selected “Protectors,” individuals drawn from the carefully-developed, totally dependent, politically-reliable underclass (thugs), now newly-armed, will become a private militia whose mission is to ruthlessly, violently suppress dissent within the now-unarmed populace..

Nancy P has already stated that, when a Democrat president gets into office, he will use his “Emergency Powers” to confiscate privately-owned guns, so we don’t have to “wonder” if the foregoing is true or not.

There is no doubt what Democrats intend to do!

“The horror of Communism, Stalinism, is not that bad people do bad things.

They always do!

It’s that good people do horrible things, naively thinking they are doing something great!”

Slavoj Žižek