3 Mar 19

Concealed-Carry Pistols:

Mid-size, double-column, 9mm pistols, such as the G19, SA/XD, S&W M&P, Walther PPQ, H&K VP9, SIG 320, CZ P10C, et al have enjoyed immense popularity among Operators, for some time. They are all 16-shooters (at least) and are designed for concealed carry, particularly for average-to-large-sized men.

Compact, single-column 9mm pistols, such as the S&W Shield, G43, Kahr PM9, Walther PPS/M2, and the new SIG P365 have since emerged, and are popular concealed-carry options for the small-statured (both genders), the small-handed (both genders), and those of both genders who dress “stylishly,” some by choice and some by necessity.

For many among the foregoing, all double-column pistols are “too fat” to conceal comfortably, and/or “too fat” to grip comfortably, even competently.

Compact, single-column 380s, such as the G42 and the S&W EZ have captured market-share for those same reasons!

Now comes a new category:

Mid-sized, single-column, 9mm pistols, such as the new G48, Honor Defense HG9CLE, and the Kahr T9.

These pistols are all flat, but have a mid-length slide, and full-length grip that will fully-support all fingers, even on big hands.

The G48 is an 11-shooter. The HG9CLE is a 9-shooter. The Kahr T9 is also a 9-shooter

I’ve carried all three of these. All are smooth, reliable, slick, flat, and recoil is very mild!

All are small-hand-friendly!

All are easily concealed, with reduced “printing”

All work well with GTM handbags.

My advice is to get your hands on all pistols mentioned above. Thus get an idea of what fits your hands, body-size, style of dress, and general lifestyle, best.

With all choices available, you don’t have to put-up with an obvious mis-match!

We have entered the 2020 “election season!” My prediction is that political violence will become far more common and widespread than this nation has ever seen, since the Civil War!

We’re seeing it already!

The sage, of both genders and of all sizes, will find a way to “go-armed,” continuously, no matter the venue, hand-size, nor style of dress.

The sage will acquire concealed-carry pistols, particularly among those mentioned above, that fit their size and lifestyle.

The sage will become competent gunmen, with whatever they select, through professional training and regular practice.

Among the sage, “going-armed,” adequately and continuously, is no longer optional!