6 Mar 19

“Gun control” never “works,” at least for the naively professed “intended purpose” of reducing violent crime.

What these laws that restrict citizens from access to guns will do, and have done every time they’ve been passed, is to vastly reduce risk-exposure endured by violent criminals, while generating a whole new community of innocent victims, who are credulous enough to obey the law.

And of course, manufacturing innocent victims is their real agenda, and is a cornerstone of the socialist/Communist mantra.

Has been since 1917!

Socialists/Communists have zero tolerance for self-reliance and personal independence!

Draconian restrictions on the ownership of a wide range of rifles and shotguns in the UK has been in place in England, Scotland and Wales since 1988.

The British Government banned private ownership of handguns in 1997.

In 2019 in the UK, it is virtually impossible for a private citizen to own any kind of firearm, nor ammunition.

Private ownership of knives is now also under assault. Before long, anything sharp will be banned from private possession. That is the clearly-stated goal of leftists, who have taken over in the UK.

Gun bans of the 1980s and 1990s were all passed amid solemn promises that they would virtually eliminate all violent crime!

They always are!

So, how can it be that England, Scotland, and Wales are “under siege” in 2019, as violent criminals, many using illegal guns, maim and murder innocent victims at a rate far higher than was ever the case when guns could be privately possessed?

Since gun-bans of the 1980s and 1990s, violent crime in the UK has NOT gone down, as leftists unswervingly, arrogantly promised it would!

I’m confused!

Getting rid of guns was going to lead to a crime-free, utopian nirvana for all Britons!


You don’t suppose British socialists had an entirely different, and hidden, agenda in mind.

Do you?

You don’t suppose what socialists, in the UK and every other country they infest, are really working toward is universal squalor, poverty, idleness, and lawlessness, while simultaneously delivering flowery, lying speeches about a “workers’ paradise.”

Do you?

“North-Korean defectors often find it hard to settle down. It is not easy for somebody who’s escaped a totalitarian country to live in the free world.

Defectors have to rediscover whom they are in a world that offers endless possibilities.

Choosing where to live, what to do, even which clothes to put on in the morning is tough enough for those of us accustomed to making choices.

It can be utterly paralyzing for people who’ve had decisions made for them by the state their entire lives.”

Barbara Demick