17 Jan 19

“Lambs lie down only with well-fed lions, and plowshares, formed from the beaten swords of warriors, are wielded only by slaves.”


The dignity of man, degraded by “Nihilism.”

Originating in Russia in the 1860s, self-declared “nihilists” were notorious for making liberal use of brutal, precipitous violence, “justifying it” by declaring that nothing matters anyway, and that there is no such thing as “inherent morality,” as accepted moral values are manufactured solely out of contemporary convenience.

Thus, murder is only a “crime,” because some naive, confused moralist has arbitrarily decided it is. Indeed, the whole concept of “crime” is every but as meaningless as is everything else!

Nihilism does not contend that nothing really exists, but that everything we see as existing is meaningless, having no plan, nor purpose.

All nihilists are, naturally, atheists.

Nihilism is the foundational concept for Communism.

Modern-day Communists, socialists, progressives, and liberals have enthusiastically embraced Nihilism!

They use it to justify their own casual morals as well as their notorious, hysterical obsession with the seizure of power, and the elimination or our rights and liberties as citizens.

“Learned meaninglessness,” unconditionally embraced by liberal academics at all levels, is the natural precursor to “learned helplessness,” promoted and insisted upon by liberal politicians.

Accordingly, self-reliance, personal independence, self-defense, personal preparedness, personal dignity, religion-based morals, etc are all concepts that are not only shunned by liberals, they are actively opposed.

In fact, they are vehemently hated, along with all who aspire to, and practice, them!

“Learned helplessness” is a terrible curse that promotes confusion of purpose, despondency, dithering,
dependency, personal stagnation, and ultimately chaos.

And, the helpless, demoralized, and defenseless cannot effectively oppose self-righteous despots (is there another kind?).

With nihilists in charge, Citizens become subjects. Subjects become serfs. Serfs become slaves.

And, slaves are just another inanimate, expendable commodity, like beans!

By contrast, Operators have unapologetically claimed our own magnificence, along with our magnificent destiny.

We are no one’s slaves!

“We are no one’s slaves!”

Queen Boudicca of the Iceni, 61AD (my ancestor)