20 Jan 19

2019 SHOT Show

Tomorrow is “Range Day,” (Boulder City, NV) where we have the opportunity to actually handle and shoot new guns from a number of manufacturers.

The SHOT Show proper is at the Sands Convention Center (Las Vegas, NV), Tuesday through Friday.

East Coast weather made a hash of travel plans of some exhibitors and other attendees, but the Show is otherwise the biggest yet!

We enjoyed dinner tonight with several industry insiders

This is what I’m hearing:

Current “Flinch Point” in serious handgun retail prices is $500.00. When you manufacturer a quality, defensive handgun that retails for that price, or less, you’ll probably do well!

Above that price, and you still may sell guns, but the market narrows markedly!

Pistols priced at $1,500.00 and even higher still find a market, albeit a small one!

Of course, America supports a virtual army of specialty gunsmiths, who will be more than happy to “customize” nearly any pistol, to whatever degree the customer wishes, but the good ones don’t work cheap!

The Century Arms “VSKA” Kalashnikov Rifle (that has superceded the “RAS,” now discontinued) continues to sell well, so much so that now only the Chinese manufacture more Kalashnikovs than Century Arms!

I’m told that “VSKA” stands for “Vermont Stamped American Kalashnikov,” since these rifles are manufactured in VT.

“Flinch Point” for serious, military rifles (5.56×45, 7.62×39) is now $800.00. Again, at or below that point, quality rifles enjoy brisk sales.

Once you add optics, BUIS, sling, co-axial flashlight, folding-stock, low-profile carrying-case, you’ll be close to $2k pretty fast!

For quality, military rifles in 7.62×51 (308), to the above figure you can add at least $1k.

Over the next week, I intend to get my hands on all first-quality contenders!

That’s why I come here every year!