16 Jan 19


Yesterday, in Nairobi, Kenya, heavily-armed Al Shabaab jihadis (Islamic terrorists) from neighboring Somalia invaded the upscale hotel/business district and murdered at least fifteen innocent victims, including one American, one Brit.

A Spanish citizen was among the many wounded.

Al Shabaab has already claimed responsibility for the attack. Somalia’s feeble “official” government (propped-up by the UN) does little to inconvenience them!

Nairobi is the commercial center for all of East Africa, and many Westerners, diplomats, and other expatriates live there.

Of course, Western interests, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, et al were targets of the attack.

Local authorities claim the commercial district in question was “guarded.” No word on what role, if any, “guards” played!

Eight hours after the attack started, gunfire could still be heard emanating from the scene. Some potential victims were forced to hide-out all that time!

This is just the latest of many similar murderous attacks in the region by Al Shabaab and other Islamic jihadis.

Of course, none of Al Shabaab’s victims were able to shoot back, having been disarmed by government decree, specifically designed, as they all are, to insure that terrorists can freely maim and murder without having to ever worry about being harmed!

Heaven forbid harm would ever befall violent criminals! Conversely, innocent citizens are regarded, as they are everywhere else (including Western Europe and the USA), as expendable cannon fodder!

Nairobi is “gun-free,” just like NYC!

These attacks are nothing new. Does anyone remember the Westgate Shopping Center attack in 2013?

Thus, many more unarmed innocents are slated to die, like sheep!

Yesterday’s attack was scanty reported in the western media. It doesn’t fit their liberal agenda, so it is cynically ignored.

Passive, peaceful Islamics “just want to get along.” Therefore, Islamic terrorists don’t exist, we’re told!

The larger point:

Personal “Readiness” is more than just owning guns.

In order to have any chance of influencing outcomes, guns have to constantly be close at hand, and in a high state of readiness.

Operators must be capable and competent, and even more importantly, they must have the nerve and personal resolve to act incisively, and at the critical moment!

All philosophical issues must have been long-since firmly resolved, as hesitation will be fatal!

The foregoing frightens “control-oriented” leftists, who work tirelessly to manufacturer victims, whom that they can subsequently cynically claim to “care about.”

Yet, for one, “victim-status” does not interest me, nor my students!

We much prefer to be live and prosperous Victors, rather than dead sheep!

“Institutional security” is a contradiction of terms!

The only real security is personal.

Ignore that at your peril!