2 Jan 19

Now “Knife Violence”

Whatever happened to “Gun Violence?”

In the UK, two temerarious members of the Royal Family have cynically put aside (for the cameras) their “dangerous” Buckingham Palace silverware, in order to symbolically address the desperate issue of “knife violence.”

All this to the naive cheers of the usually gallery of liberal stooges.

Do their Royal Highnesses really believe that the British Crown was defended for centuries by spineless men toting wooden forks and spoons, instead of by men of iron bearing
British-forged swords and other fine edged weaponry?

Judging from the foregoing, we can see where the current battle-cry of liberals over here, always ending in the phrase “Gun Violence,” is headed.

Just substitute nearly any word for “Gun,” and a new pseudo-sanctimonious liberal crusade will erupt, promoting the elimination of whatever it is.

Of course, every time new gun restrictions go into effect, violent crime goes up, but liberal promoters angrily dismiss such inconvenient facts, assuring us that “some fine day” it will go down.

That day never seems to arrive, as they’ve discovered in the UK!

Of course, once all guns are eliminated (except for those protecting politicians), just a night follows day, it will be knives next, then baseball bats, then screwdrivers, and on and on!

Leftists are never happy so long as anyone has the ability to act unilaterally in an effort to defend themselves!

Leftist don’t promoted “gun control,” “knife control,” et al in order to protect us from criminals.

They’re interested only in protecting themselves, from us!

“The means of defense against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.”

James Madison