8 Jan 19

One of El Chapo’s “associates” recently testified about people, probably hundreds, who were quietly murdered in the drug kingpin’s soundproof “murder room,”located in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, TX.

Among El Chapo’s victims were doubtless many innocent Mexicans, and probably more than a few innocent
American tourists too.

Drug cartels, currently operating openly in Mexico and south, are also active in every state in the USA, every major metro area, and along major US highways. They are omnipresent, relentless, hyper-territorial, and casually murderous, as we see!

Our southern “border” is so porous as to hardly qualify as a border at all, and liberals are fighting desperately to keep it that way, as all they care about is illegal votes and expansion of their unchangeable underclass.

Violent criminals, illegally in our country, have scant fear of US authorities. After committing murders and other violent crimes, they don’t even have to flee back to Mexico. They only have to hide-out in CA, or one of many self-declared “sanctuary cities,” where they’ll be protected by liberal politicians who want their votes.

Meanwhile, who goes out unarmed is, by default, unprepared to survive!

Many haven’t.

Many more won’t in 2019!

We’re becoming a third-world country, and as noted above, it is by design!

The wise are prepared, in depth, to take care of themselves. The foolishly naive, wallowing in denial, will die in amazement!

Sign at the entry to a park in CO, known for bears:

“Stay alert and keep your head up. Out here, not all ‘organ donations’ are voluntarily!”