7 June 20
Our Unarmed Forces!
Our current Secretary of Defense has smugly ordered all uniformed NG Troops deployed to Washington DC, regardless or rank or duty assignment, to neither carry, nor have access to, guns, nor ammunition, nor weapons of any kind!
Our Troopers are unable to protect themselves, while trying to do their duty in a violent environment!
The reason is as simple as it is cynical, and dishonorable:
Dead NG Troopers are easily replaced. No one cares about them. Besides, they’re insured!
Conversely, dead Democrat voters, who are currently rioting with scant interference from police, represent a tragic loss, and when police and NG Troopers attempt to keep themselves from being murdered by a violent mob, it may “upset” other rioters!
In short, our NG Troopers on dangerous riot duty have been ordered to “kneel before the howling mob,” right along with police and citizens!
I was naively under the (clearly false) impression that DOD actually cared about it’s Troopers and their mission.
What I can’t understand is why this rogue Sec/Def isn’t suddenly discovering that he is unemployed!
Golly Don, I thought you were the one Republican president who was not afraid to fire arrogant, insubordinate clowns like this, who put their personal leftist politics ahead of the safety of our Troopers!
I bet there are lots of loaded guns currently protecting this Sec/Def. I bet he is pretty sure his life is important!
His “concern for life” obviously doesn’t extend to those unfortunate enough to serve under him!
Why he is not this minute unceremoniously on his way out the door is a source of continuing mystery, and disappointment, to me!
“Fortune favors the bold
Always has!”
Iosef Tarasov (played by Alfie Allen) in the 2014 feature film, “John Wick”